Weekly journal article roundup

What this is This is a personal roundup of articles that have come out in past week that I found interesting. This page is more of a set of public bookmarks of things that I glanced through and found interesting, and where I can easily add public notes. This is meant to hold me accountable for my weekly reading goals, but also curate a list of interesting papers that others might find useful.

What this isn’t This page is NOT a catalog of papers that I have read carefully. I construct this list automatically from an RSS feed, so more often that not, all I’ve read is the abstract. I can’t guarantee that links aren’t repeated! If you find anything here interesting I’d be more than happy to chat about it!

Week 34, Aug 2022

Week 07, Feb 2022

Week 06, Feb 2022

Week 05, Feb 2022

Week 04, Jan 2022

Week 43, Dec 2021

  1. First-principles model of optimal translation factors stoichiometry Lalanne and Li build on a class of coarse grained growth models, first started by Scott and Hwa in 2010.

  2. Pathway dynamics can delineate the sources of transcriptional noise in gene expression
  3. GCN2 adapts protein synthesis to scavenging-dependent growth
  4. Single-cell growth inference of Corynebacterium glutamicum reveals asymptoticallylinear growth
  5. Dynamics and variability in the pleiotropic effects of adaptation in laboratory budding yeast populations
  6. Quantitative theory for the diffusive dynamics of liquid condensates
  7. The network structure affects the fixation probability when it couples to the birth-death dynamics in finite population
  8. Loss of major nutrient sensing and signaling pathways suppresses starvation lethality in electron transport chain mutants
  9. Functional attractors in microbial community assembly
  10. Reduction in gene expression noise by targeted increase in accessibility at gene loci
  11. Protein phosphatase 2A (PP2A) promotes anaphase entry after DNA replication stress in budding yeast
  12. Cell geometry, signal dampening, and a bimodal transcriptional response underlie the spatial precision of an ERK-mediated embryonic induction