Tag: emacs

〈02 Oct 2023〉 - Custom elisp function to jump to analysis folders

An outcome of having a systematic nomenclature of projects

〈31 May 2022〉 - SLURM notes

I've been treating the HMS cluster like my local machine. Nope.

〈27 Feb 2022〉 - Introducing biomodels.el

An emacs interface to interacting with the BioModels API

〈10 May 2021〉 - Writing a slackbot for org-capture

Or how I learned to appreciate ngrok and my raspberry pi

〈31 Dec 2020〉 - Creating super-personalized dashboards with org-mode and some elisp

Using emacs to solve inconveniences

〈07 Mar 2020〉 - Utility function to control the tags vocabulary in a bibtex file

Messing around with elisp again!

〈02 Sep 2019〉 - Introducing deqn-mode.el

A common emacs interface to define differential equations

〈09 Feb 2019〉 - My first elisp function: Create an analysis template

A function to populate an org file with boilerplate containing python headers and org-export descriptions.

〈05 Sep 2018〉 - A poor man's twitter using org-capture

A rough ssh-based pipeline to "capture" a tweet-like text and push to a remote web server

〈21 Apr 2018〉 - a YASnippet Template for an org-mode notebook

A yasnippet to define a template for a generic computational analysis "experiment"

〈16 Nov 2017〉 - Scripts to generate graphic summaries of weekly org-reports

An alternative to toggl for pretty summaries of org-clock info