Tag: biology

〈28 Dec 2023〉 - Why are 20nt primers sufficiently unique in the human genome?

Combinatorics and Shannon Entropy

〈22 Dec 2020〉 - A timeline of the studies investigating stochastic gene expression

Mostly theory, with some experiments thrown in

〈23 Aug 2020〉 - Thoughts on E.O. Wilson's On Human Nature

Book review

〈02 Jul 2020〉 - Mechanisms in biology

Notes from Nicholson 2012

〈06 Jan 2020〉 - Beeline: Benchmarking algorithms for gene regulatory network inference from single-cell transcriptomic data

Our paper is out in Nature Methods!

〈16 Aug 2017〉 - The Two-Hit Hypothesis: Insight from statistics

What I learned about Knudson's two-hit hypothesis

〈27 Apr 2017〉 - Compartmental model of cytoskeletal polarization during chemotaxis

Some interesting results from our model of cytoskeletal polarization using Watts-Strogatz randomization to mimic disruption of the cytoskeleton

〈01 Jan 2017〉 - Nutrient Signaling in budding yeast

An overview of my research project

〈01 Dec 2016〉 - A script to study Kuramoto Oscillators

Animating a coupled oscillator system using matplotlib

〈30 Nov 2016〉 - Agent Based Simulation of a chronic Influenza infection

An animation from our Mod and Sim class showing the spread of infection using an agent-based model