Why am I blogging now?

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As part of Dean DePauw’s Preparing the future Professoriate class here at Virginia Tech, we are expected to maintain blogs which are maintained farily regularly.

(Nervous laughter)

For starters, my previous attempts at maintaining regular blogs have not been entirely successful. At various times, I have pulled myself up by my bootstraps and made vows to Shakespeare, Murakami and Wodehouse, to express myself with the metaphorical pen. At various times in college, I have attempted writing poetry, nonsense verse, plays, musicals, and even the odd faux philosophy essay.

My creative output reached an all time low after I moved to Berkeley, where I spent the Spring of 2015. I hoped it would get better in grad school. Ha. How delusional.

This site is supposed to help me build an online portfolio of sorts, to increase my presence on the internet in the role of a soon-to-be academic and a researcher, but more importantly, to be a platform to explore my use of the written language to explore issues related to academia, current research and education policy.

So here I am, starting a new blog, using different tools. I have decided to stick with Jekyll markdown as my weapon of choice, and that I am too good (duh) for Wordpress. So, welcome to my github blog, and wish me luck!

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